15 Best HTML5 Video Player Script

Imran Hossen Hridoy
6 min readOct 5, 2022


Elite Video Player is a great HTML5 video player that can handle everything you throw at it: so it is one of the top 5 listings.

Showcase your video style — across all browsers and mobiles — using the fully customizable HTML5 video player.

  • Lightbox, Responsive, and Full Screen mode
  • YouTube channel and playlist support
  • Player selection and scrollbar effect
  • Resizable height and width
  • And many more options
  • 1 is the best

Another unique and eye-catching feature of Elite Video Player is the ability to add video pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll and bring it to the popup aid screen. A WordPress version of this is also available.

2. Ultimate Video Player with YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5, Ads

Add your own video or popup ads before, during, or following your videos using Ultimate Video Player with YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5, Ads.

Displays YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted mp4 (from Amazon S3, Google Drive, etc.).

Features Included:

  • Fully Responsive and Supports in All Browsers
  • Supports multiple requests on the same page
  • Tooltip for time and volume
  • Font Awesome icon
  • rewind function
  • And many, many more
  • 1 is the best

3. HTML5 Responsive Video Player & Advertising

You cannot say HTML5 video players without the HTML5 Responsive Video Player & Advertising Mansion.

You can set a video ad before a featured video starts or a popup ad on the go. And these are just two of the numerous options included.

  • Auto-hide, auto-play, and auto-replay options
  • Fully Responsive and customizable with CSS
  • Tooltip control Info and rewind
  • Optional social media sharing system
  • And many more

4. Ultra Video Gallery With YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5, Ads

Ultra Video Gallery with YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5, Ads is a well supported and managed HTML5 video player.

It comes with all the features you’ll want in a video player — and more.

Features include, but are not limited to:

  • Custom player design for videos hosted on YouTube and Vimeo
  • Pre-roll advertising for YouTube, Vimeo and Self-hosted videos
  • Touch keyboard / mouse support
  • Easy to setup and fully customizable
  • Includes 5 pre-designed themes
  • And many more, many things are the best

5. Ultimate Video Player

This HTML5 video player has all the basic features you need in a cutting edge player — without losing users using older browsers.

The Ultimate Video Player is capable of playing video on IE8 with a flash fallback feature on modern mobile browsers or older desktop computers.

It’s more:

“Packed with a lot of features like responsive layout, multiple playlists, external APIs, optional deeplinking, flexible skin, embedded and shared, facebook share, etc …”

6. HTML5 Video Gallery with Live Playlist

Create a Robust Video Showcase with the HTML5 Video Gallery with Live Playlist. Setup your live playlist with HTML markups, XML playlists, or it can read and fold self-hosted video folders.

You can also mix YouTube and self-hosted videos.

Additional features included:

  • Deeplinking with jQuery address
  • YouTube API v3 Support
  • Video Aspect Ratio
  • Live preview

Public APIs made available: Play / pause, next / previous, seek, and more!

7. Responsive HTML5 Video Player & Gallery

Responsive HTML5 Video Player & Gallery is very easy to set up, Retina Ready, and has multiple skins to make the HTML5 video player look great.

“You can use the player without a gallery with just one video, or you can create a gallery with thumbnails, titles and descriptions. “

You can also add your logo in the bottom left, bottom right or top left corner.

  • Optional share menu and embed code
  • Click and drug gallery support
  • Full player control
  • And many more

Easily mix your Vimeo, YouTube, and self-hosted mp4 videos into a playlist with Responsive Video Gallery HTML5 YouTube Vimeo.

You get all the necessary features:

  • Optional deeplinking with jQuery address
  • HTML, XML, and Folder based playlists
  • Support for YouTube and Vimeo API v3
  • Optional ads before or after playback
  • Robust playback options
  • And many more

Notable features include:

  • Google Analytics Trucking
  • Playlist Search
  • Categories
  • Success

Like other HTML5 video players, it includes YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted video support, customizable color schemes and an option to download videos.

You will get more:

  • Optional video description with HTML and CSS support
  • Supports both one and multiple instances
  • AutoHide for playback control
  • Click Listener
  • And many more

HTML5 Video Player with Playlist & Multiple Skins A good HTML5 video player for playlists, supplemented with preview images specific to both videos and playlists.

Additional features included:

  • Mixing YouTube and self-hosted videos
  • Flash fallback for older browsers
  • Optional playback controls
  • Optional video information
  • Public APIs and callbacks
  • And many more

12. HTML5 Video Player With Playlist & Multiple Skins

HTML5 Video Player with Playlist & Multiple Skins is not only a great HTML5 video player, it also includes the ability to set full screen video backgrounds.

Need a Video Player on Your Web Dev Toolbelt?

So this is what you are looking for.

It has many helpful features, among them:

  • Fallback image for mobile devices where fullscreen video does not support background.
  • 1+ Js options: Player Control, Playback, Design, etc.
  • Support for YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted videos
  • Navigation Positioning
  • Texture on video
  • And much more!

HTML5 Video Player with Playlist & Multiple Skins is a welcome addition to any web developer’s toolbox — it’s there for WordPress, too!

From the product page:

“Easily customizable and showcase your work with a full featured audio / video player. When you buy this player, you will get a detailed help file with 5 custom skins and features like Responsive Layout. “

Easy to customize, full-screen video support, video and audio playlists, and more.

ProgressionPlayer — Responsive Audio / Video Player eliminates hassle and offers a solid HTML5 video player.

14. Chameleon — HTML5 Video Player With Flash Backup

Chameleon — Keep It Simple With HTML5 Video Player With Flash Backup

With its transparent design and simple options, this HTML5 video player offers the basics of video playback:

Light and Dark Skin and Retina Friendly

5% Responsive — that fits anywhere

Hold-and-drug benefits for scrubbing videos

15. Mega Video Players BUNDLE

Mega Video Players Bundle is not a single, robust, one-size-fits-all HTML5 video player.

Here are six of them.

This download will give you three different responsive video players, each with their own WordPress replica, giving you a total of six players.

This bundle includes:

You will find many different features in each player: External API. Deep linking, embedding and sharing, multiple playlists, and many, many more.

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