5 topics that are very important for all YouTuber. So everyone will read very carefully.

Imran Hossen Hridoy
3 min readOct 5, 2022


One of the most useful tools and resources of a successful YouTube user.
Below we will discuss 5 topics that are very important for all YouTuber. So everyone will read very carefully.

1. Skill: Of course you have to be proficient on some subject. It may be anything that can be done, people start from laughing and skillfully to teach anything. And you have to be skilled in that. Some of them again see the videos of big channels, their copy Trying to do it. I’m not saying it’s bad but say a lot better but try to do better than that. And so the main features of successful YouTube are to achieve efficiency. I think many people think that if I am not good at brother, then I will not be able to do it. If brother is a big man today, he was skilled in mother’s lap. They had to acquire their skills. That is why I do not think that love for the subject There is, that you try to do it better than you are around. You are not behind the success or the success will run behind you.

2. Video Editing: Before starting YouTube, I would suggest video editing to be fairly easy. Because a video is good when it is edited very well. So before you start YouTube, take a closer look at editing. Believe it, not much Within 1 month you can learn a lot of good video editing. And then you will be more skilled in editing as long as you go with youtube. Freelancing with youtuber waited for you, I would suggest, take a look at YouTube before you start editing.

3. Mobile / Laptop: You must have a mobile / laptop for youtube marketing. The purpose of writing this is to make mobile users many mobile marketing, and many people do not even know. So, for mobile users, I can say that you can do YouTube marketing through mobile but also the Laptop It’s not as easy as the users. You’ll have to take a lot of trouble from them, but it will not be difficult to quit. There are a lot of people who iutiubara Mobile iutiubim with tubes and a strong will to succeed, so they saphalaara ..

4.Camera: Camera is an important instrument for those who shoot video
Always do not use this without DSLR. You can use a small camera or if your phone’s camera is good then you can also use it.

5.Microphone: It is good to watch a video when the sound quality is sound as well as its video. So the sound plays an important role in the quality of the video. So a good microphone is needed for the sound. Now many people think that the microphone has a lot of prices. And brother, I also say that microphone has a lot of value, that does not mean that you will have to buy the most expensive microphone, starting from 150 USD to the market, there is a very good microphone inside 300 USD. Start with these first.
Focus on these five things, I believe the success will come.
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