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Blogger Premium Movie template free download

Description of the theme

Zorex Movie X Blogger Template Responsive is a fully featured and elegantly designed theme, created especially for movie blogs and online Series. This is a super simple theme with a feature. Perfectly done, this is a fully responsive theme that can adjust its shape and size according to the viewer’s device or the size of the screen. It helps to publish videos from YouTube and other platforms with the help of iframe. This theme is focused on movie blogs, but can also be used to create a website for YouTubers, Video tutorials, Online courses, tech news, magazine blog, authority, food, niche, travel, games, Sports. and video blogs. If you have a youtube channel, you can create your own video library blog. This theme offers the advantage of creating blogs with highly optimized SEO and fast loading. It features a combination of professional-looking dark colors in black and red. Simple, fast to load, Responsive, Seo Pronto, adapted from WordPress, Ready ads, Retina Ready, Drop Down Menu, Social Bookmark Ready, Post Thumbnails, Clean, browser compatibility, 3 columns, Elegant, White, Minimalist, Elegant, Sharing WhatsApp , Free Premium, Slide Show, 3-column Footer, Mega Menu, Black, Movie, Video, Google.

Template Screenshot:

Template Features:

Google testing tool Validator

search engine optimization friendly

Featured submit Widget

current publish with the aid of Label Widget

2 style (Blogger and Disqus comments)

associated Posts with Thumb

lower back to top Button

Sidebar author field (fashion 2)

How to install template?

Download the Blogger Template Blogger Redesign the Blogger Template to your liking.

Extract the file.

Open the extracted template file first.

Open the Blogger Dashboard page.

Select the Themes / Templates menu, then click the Backup / Restore button. Select Select File.

Insert the extracted file from XML format “then click upload.


For demo, see this page.

Notify the administrator via the comments column if the link dies.

Live demo the Download

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