How to Add Download Timer Button in Blogger & WordPress

Imran Hossen Hridoy
2 min readJun 24, 2021


Hello friends Welcome to the TricksBD24 website. In this post today, I will talk about the download timer button in Blogger and WordPress. How to add Blogger and WordPress download timer button, all of this. So keep reading the post until the end for details. Before using download timer on Blogger, we didn’t know about this download timer.

What is download timer?

The time that is calculated before downloading anything. That’s what we call download timer.

Why use Blogger and WordPress download timer?

You can use this download timer if you are blogging or if you have a downloading blog. In this case the visitor will remain on your blog until the download process. As a result, you get more views and more wasted time. So use this download timer to earn a good amount.

Timer script feature :
The download timer I mentioned earlier is a script that starts redirecting and downloads as the timer expires. But
Today I have come up with a new script that will see the download button as time expires. Then your download will start after clicking. The script I mentioned earlier was only working on the Blogger site. But this new script can use the script very easily in blogger and wordpress site. This download timer was created by HTML and JavaScript code.

How to use Download Timer?

Below I have explained all these steps in detail. Which allows you to easily use this download timer code. So follow the steps below.

Step 1 — First of all you have to download this download timer script. Download From BelowStep 2 — Now copy this code and paste it anywhere on the page or post.].

Step 3 — Now place your download link in place of

Step 4 — And if you want to spend less time on it, you can easily change it. If you want to change var count = 15; Here you can talk less.

Step 5 — Your download timer job has now been successfully completed.

The download timer script must tell you how you like it in the comment box. And share if you like

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