How to Get Work on Fiverr — For New Beginner Freelancers

Imran Hossen Hridoy
5 min readOct 5, 2022


Newbies who open an account on Fiverr cannot rank their gigs due to lack of adequate guidance. As a result, despite knowing good work, they are not sold. This makes a new freelancer frustrated in no time.

Did you know, thousands of freelancers who are making more than $1000 per month from Fiverr just by selling their skills? They rank their gigs based on different keywords knowing how to get work on fiverr. And this is how these soccer top level sellers get a lot of sales every day.

Fiverr is the best platform today to earn online with your skills. But unfortunately many do not know how to get more orders using the platform properly. Knowing how to get work on fiverr is very important, because if you know the basic tricks of fiverr and follow them, you can easily earn a lot from this popular platform.

Fiverr has 2.3 million active sellers who are earning huge amounts of money by proving their creativity. But the newbies who open an account on Fiverr cannot rank their gigs due to lack of adequate guidance. As a result, despite knowing good work, they are not sold. This makes a new freelancer frustrated in no time.

How to get a order in fiverr?

Getting a job on fiverr is not difficult if you know some special tricks. There is a huge demand for services such as web design and development, website speed monetization and SEO, website traffic, animation creation and logo or business card design. Fiverr is also an open platform for all other types of creative work.

Since there are many freelancers working here, you have to enter the marketplace with the mindset of competing with them.

Make the profile beautiful

If you already have an account on Fiverr, make your profile attractive and professional before starting a gig. Include a real picture of yourself here and a good description of yourself in the About section. Don’t forget to mention everything that needs to be described about you.

Write a nice Gig description

The description must be excellent to get more orders from Gig. So describe your services well in Gig description section. Add a great description to each of your Gigs and explain your services like an expert. Whenever a buyer looks for a job on Fiverr, he first checks your gig thoroughly. So if the gig you write meets his requirements, you will definitely get an order.

Formatting your gig correctly. For this you can use Bold, Underline, List and Highlight formatting options. Orders are more likely to come in lower when your gig is new. So you can keep any additional service as a bonus along with the main service in Gig. This can make your gig seem more acceptable to buyers.

Offer something different

Fiverr has tons of gigs and new gigs are being uploaded all the time. Each of which is based on almost the same type of service. For example, someone wants to make a business card. Search Fiverr and you’ll find over a thousand gigs on making business cards.

Similarly, other services such as graphic design, web design and article writing gigs are also plentiful. So if you want to get buyer requests very quickly, offer something that no one else on fiverr is offering or the number is low.

In this case, you need to focus on a different service. You need to harness your creativity to compete with other big established freelancers in any marketplace. If you don’t have the ability to do something different, you won’t be able to do well on these platforms in a short period of time.

Optimize Gig Titles

The title is the most important part of a gig. So take special care in writing it. Make sure that your title is not too big. The shorter the gig title, the easier it is for a buyer to understand. Pay attention to SEO’s approach to keywords first. Try to find out what people are typing and searching for. Always try to keep popular keywords in your title.

Again, it should be noted that the subject you will be serving is reflected in your title. Suppose you want to design a logo. So if you don’t have a logo in your gig title, buyers have no way of knowing what service you’re actually trying to offer.

Give beautiful cover photo

The key to making a gig look professional is to use a suitable cover photo. Make sure your cover photo is appropriate. Fiverr usually asks to upload a cover photo of 550×370 pixels size. So the size of the image must be kept in mind while designing it in Photoshop.

Remember one thing, a buyer will decide whether to click on your gig or not by looking at your featured image and title. So there are certain guidelines to be followed in creating the gig feature image. And if you can confirm these rules, it will definitely play an important role in ranking your gig.

Using attractive videos in gigs increases the likelihood of selling that service by 60%. It’s not about the course, the fiverr authority itself has said it. So try to make a video following Fiverr’s rules. Because you can give the buyer an idea of ​​your service in more detail than a still image.

According to last year’s statistics from the Fiverr blog, the sales of gigs that had videos increased significantly. Sellers who self-presented their work saw a 96% increase in sales. And those who published through video effects, animation, writing, still images, etc., increased their sales by 84%. So the importance of video in the gig is clearly understood.

However, you need to take some precautions when uploading videos to Fiverr Gig. Here you don’t have to upload videos as you like, you also have to maintain some standards. Follow its precautions thoroughly in making videos.

Promote the gig

There is an adage about spreading the word. Ways to get a job on Fiverr are no exception. Creating a gig is not the end of the job, it has to be maximized. Share the link to the gig you created on popular social media like: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Reddit. As a result, your service will be promoted to a lot of people and your chances of getting buyers will also increase.

You can also promote the upper gig through a related blog post. If the gig is related to web development, you can write a blog post with tips on web development. Many people will read this post. If you give the gig link in that post then you can bring many visitors to the gig.

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